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Industrial cleaning equipment

Our products solve a range of cleaning problems for a variety of industrial and commercial applications across Australia. From winemakers through to miners, warehouses through to government departments, we have the cleaning equipment you need to make light work of tough jobs. Browse the range of industries we commonly supply cleaning equipment for, and don’t hesitate to contact us if your industry is not listed. We’d love to help you.


Keep your automotive workshop clean and warm with industrial heaters and pressure washers Automotive workshops are synonymous with grease – have you ever met a mechanic with clean hands? Automotive garages are often open and well-ventilated in order to cater for cars coming and going and the allowance of petrol, paint and other chemical fumes. Keep your…

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Building Service Contractors

Supplying janitorial contractors with the equipment they need to get the job done When you work as a building service contractor, using professional industrial cleaning equipment can be your point of difference over many other independent contractors’ operating in the same industry. You want to get booked again and again for your high-quality cleaning and…

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Car Parks & Large Areas

Meet big demands for large areas with industrial-strength cleaning equipment Cleaning car parks and large areas doesn’t need to be cause for headache. Even spilled petrol, stubborn dirt and debris can be blasted away with an industrial-strength high-pressure cleaner. We stock engineered brands of cleaning equipment which are highly-effective and water-efficient over large areas such as car…

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Food & Beverage

Sometimes it’s not enough to just clean, you need to sterilise. Our hot water pressure cleaners will disinfect food and beverage manufacturing equipment If you work in the production of food or beverages you understand quality-control is of paramount importance. If your equipment isn’t disinfected after each use, you could risk the health and safety…

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Keeping government facilities clean and safe with industrial cleaning equipment Government-owned public buildings need to be kept clean, looking presentable and safe for occupants, employees and visitors. Government department buildings, council offices and schools require a range of cleaning equipment that can tackle high-traffic carpets, foyers, hallways and rooms in a relatively short amount of…

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Health Care

Clean equipment is healthy equipment in the health care industry Hospitals, medical centres, doctors’ surgeries and other providers of health care are required to undertake routine cleaning and disinfecting to ensure the highest-safety standards for patients and staff alike. From washing walls to disinfecting floors and sanitising equipment and bathrooms, our range of cleaning equipment is…

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Our range of cleaning equipment caters to the diverse Australian manufacturing landscape The definition of manufacturing is “the making of goods or wares by manual labour or by machinery, especially on a large scale.” (Macquarie Dictionary, 2014). Large-scale manufacturing machinery requires heavy-duty cleaning equipment capable of applying high-pressure and cleaning efficiency over large areas. From chemicals…

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Material Handling Equipment

Keeping forklifts, trucks and other material handling equipment clean with our range of high-pressure washers Material handling equipment (MHE) such as forklifts, trucks, conveyors and cranes are built tough in order to do the dirty work for you. Make sure they stay clean and in peak working condition with regular servicing, maintenance and cleaning. Our cleaning…

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Mining & Construction

Your heavy-duty cleaning equipment needs for stubborn dirt and debris It doesn’t get much dirtier than mining and construction, does it? Yet the expectation is that when you leave a construction site, you leave it tidy, safe and clean. Built-up dust and dirt and dangerous debris needs to be removed. Heavy-duty industrial cleaning equipment is…

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Public cleaning is a tough job – make light work of it with professional industrial equipment Is your municipality an attraction or an atrocity? You need industrial-strength cleaning equipment to tackle human and vehicle high-traffic areas such as footpaths, residential streets and gutters, public toilets and even parks. Hot and cold high-pressure cleaners will blast…

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Keep high-traffic areas and shopfronts clean with our range of commercial and portable cleaning equipment The image of your retail business is important and this means you need to keep your shop, warehouse or centre clean at all times! Clients do not want to spend their money in dirty or unkempt shopping centres and shops. Keep…

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Warehouse & Logistics

Keeping warehouses warm and clean with our range of industrial heating and cleaning equipment LTS Light Equipment supplies a range of products suitable for use in warehouse environments and logistics industries. Warehouses are often wide-open spaces with tall ceilings and little insulation, meaning  they are subject to extremes of temperature  such as cold snaps. Employers…

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